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  • Troy J Sica

Review: "Don't Let Me Fall" - JAMES V x Marze

If you ever felt like you were spiraling out of control, lost in your thoughts over a significant other, "Don't Let Me Fall," by JAMES V and Marze should definitely be the next song to be added to your playlist. With its emotional lyricism, accompanied with heart-tugging instruments and melodic vocals, this song truly captivates the listener, wanting the significant other to just 'Call back.'

"Don't Let Me Fall," by JAMES V and Marze is a captivating heart-breaking story that pulls the listener in with it's beautiful lyrics and melodic melodies combined with electronic instruments. With the song starting with a single phone call and being sent to voicemail, saying, "Hey, just call me back," perfectly introduces the listener to the topic of the song, really starting the water-works. Beginning with a somber tone after the voicemail that leads into this heart-tugging chorus grabs each person who can relate to this situation, holding them tight, trying to convince them that they will not 'Let them fall.'

JAMES V is a Vancouver-based singer, music producer & songwriter who started his music career in 2018. He quickly got into the EDM scene and started producing electronic dance music. JAMES V is currently working on his debut EP that introduces him and his music journey. MARZE is from one of the hottest locations in America for the electronic scene, Orlando, Florida. The twenty-year-old producer might be young but he certainly has big plans he will execute in the coming months. So be sure to follow both of their socials to keep up to date on their musical progress down below!

Written By Troy Sica




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