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  • Giavanna Gradaille

Review: "DONT TALK ABOUT IT" - SkyDxddy

When you grow up in a second-generation immigrant household, it was quickly learnt that you just didn’t talk about certain things. The biggest being mental health. We didn’t talk about my grandmother disassociating from reality through copious amounts of television. We didn’t talk about my grandfather carrying out his hypervigilance through dangerous jobs. And we certainly didn’t talk about my father being swift handed but slow to reason and empathize. We should have, though; two out of the three would still be here if we did. That’s why artists like SkyDxddy highlighting the importance of having discussions around mental health is so profound. SkyDxddy’s “DONT TALK ABOUT IT” provides a safe space within the public sphere to begin having honest conversations about mental health.

“DON’T TALK ABOUT IT” is a pop-rock single about the stigma and suppression that’s experienced when mental health is brought up. The song opens with a revving beat to accompany the heavy, spoken word verses to signify a growing tension. The first verse establishes the need to put up a façade for the sake of others while suffering in silence because others would do the same for us, right? The second verse proves that sentiment is not always the case. Sometimes others aren’t there for us when we’re “really hurtin’ ” which transforms the façade from protecting others to protecting ourselves from overwhelming pain. SkyDxddy’s lyrics and vocal delivery perfectly capture the quiet rage that’s building up, getting listeners invested in the story that’s upfolding before them. When the beat finally drops, listeners are immediately swept up into a vivacious chorus that lays down how most tend to treat and react to mental health – by not directly talking about it. The third verse builds on this societal unwillingness to address this topic by pointing out how “little clichés” are overutilized as a means to comfort. But genuine comfort would come from compassionately addressing the elephant in the room. Until honest conversations about mental health begin, hidden anguish will persist.

SkyDxddy’s early exposure to a wide range of music genres is directly responsible for the artist’s passion for cultivating a diverse sound that discusses hard-hitting topics. Their relatable, compelling lyrics and dynamic vocal delivery is bound to have any fan willing to follow them through the dreamy worlds of future-pop to the abyss of alternative rock. The artist also has a heart of gold; writing and performing their first song at 10 for a competition that helped raised money for community charities. SkyDxddy has had multiple singles go viral from 2019’s Triggered all the way to 2021’s "MONSTERS INK". If you’ve enjoyed SkyDxddy as much as I have, there’s an opportunity to see them perform live! You can catch them at the Knitting Factory on Thursday, February 16th, in North Hollywood, CA. Doors open at 7:00 PM and tickets can be found here. But if you find yourself homebound, virtual love in the form of streams, likes, and follows is always appreciated, too.

Written by Giavanna Gradaille



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