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  • Megan Cao

Review: "Dust Storm Darlin'" - Elijah Mann

“Dust Storm Darlin’” is a gut-wrenching folk ballad about goodbyes. Inspired partly by the Mars Opportunity Rover’s last transmission sent to Earth, “My battery’s low, and it’s getting dark”, after getting caught in a planetary dust storm, this song is a sweet tribute to those who have passed on towards the other side. Mann uses clever wordplay, like passing on to life, to sprinkle mentions of the inspiration of the story throughout the song.

Elijah Mann’s powerful and soul-wrenching voice paired with the gradual crescendo and swell of the instruments and song evokes a feeling of the last goodbye. In the grief, Mann reminds us of hope as others move on; the hope of being in a better place, the hope of seeing them again, and the hope of us being able to let go and move forward with our lives. Elijah Mann wrote this song after flying to Alabama to see his grandmother for the last time; this song of sensitivity and loss was created from that experience.

As a Brooklyn-based electro-folk singer/songwriter, Elijah Mann is well known for his powerhouse vocals with poignant and poetic lyrics. Though originally from Connecticut, that hasn’t stopped him from making an impact in indie music scenes from LA to New England. Mann has featured at iconic venues like Rockwood Music Hall, Berlin, and The Bowery Electric, leaving those in the audience without a dry eye. Elijah Mann has a lot to offer and is eager to make a name for himself.

Written By Megan Cao



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