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  • Sabraena Stepney

Review: "End Of The Line" - Archie Ray

Maybe it’s the fact that I listened to the acoustic version of this song first. Perhaps, it’s the way that I am currently jamming to the mastered version. Whatever the case, the song in question is sure to make my day as well as anybody else’s. “End Of The Line” by Archie Ray is a riveting, delightful melody. It encompasses the singer’s thoughts as he goes after his dreams, in hopes that the person he’s pining for will become or continue to be supportive of him in his endeavors. “So I will go do as I’m told, live my days until I’m old.” The singer croons. You hear this song that is very upbeat and joyful, and you just want to sing and dance along. It’s a song that makes you appreciate the hustle and bustle of any artist, starving or thriving.

The structure of this song is really compelling, simple although a bit complex. The way that the guitar carries the entire song (played brilliantly by Ray) but making sure not to let the instrument drown out his voice completely is a nice touch. The beat of the song is reminiscent of an early Charlie Puth song, or any pop song that has a music video accompaniment, breathing road trip humble beginnings nostalgia. Or a romantic “I can’t wait to finally see my beloved” vibe at the end. The piano gives hope into the lyrics as well as each key inspires you to keep going strong. “I’m not done yet.” Ray sings this to signify his determination and that is evident with his smooth vocals.

Overall, this song is enjoyable and is able to have the replay value of any decade. It’s not too showy, not all in your face with over the top vocals. It has a message and does great to bring that out as lovely as the singer can. The singer/songwriter, Archie Ray is from Cornwall and is holding down the pop genre, with his sound being influenced by hip hop, rock, . Together with a few like minded individuals he created a band, entitled “Archie Ray and The Flutterbies.” If you are in need of a pick me up, or just a determined ballad to get you through the rest of a productive day, this song is just what your ears need to get the ball rolling. Archie Ray’s discography can be found on Spotify and also wherever other music outlets are on the web.

Written By Sabraena Stepney


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