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  • Melina Darlas

Review: "Enough" - Bonny Lauren

Even though being in a relationship seems so blissful and something that adds joy to your life, it could potentially be very draining. Some relationships can be judgmental, hostile, and unhealthy for both parties. Relationships are supposed to be in your life to add something special, to build you up, and to make you feel loved by another person. When this isn’t the case then it’s time to walk away. Walking away from a relationship that you have put an immense amount of time, love, and energy into has to be one of the most challenging things to do, but your well-being is much more important. Bonny Lauren relates to this situation in her new single “Enough” where she expresses her pain of not feeling like she lives up to her partner’s expectations. She knows her self-worth and knows that she deserves so much better than what she is getting out of this relationship. Due to this, she decides to leave it all behind and move on to the healing process.

“Enough” is a piece about healing from a broken relationship paired with Bonny’s smooth vocals and electric melody. With her experience in dance-pop, Bonny transfers some of that energy into this song. Adding this aspect to the song makes the piece very energetic, and pairs really well with Bonny’s vocals. Her voice is light, yet strong, and because of that strength, the vocals pair perfectly with the melody she selected for this song. As for her lyricism, she is very straightforward with her thoughts. Bonny reveals that she feels she can never be enough for her partner and has decided to walk away. Lines such as “Don’t tell me what I shouldn’t do” and “I think that we should call it quits” express her strength to leave a situation that makes her feel less than what she is worth. Lyrics such as these empower her listeners to take a stand just as Bonny has, and persuades her audience to take control of their situation just as she did.

Bonny Lauren is an independent singer/songwriter based in Berlin, Germany. She has released many dance-pop collaborations along with writing toplines for other artists as well. She has released music under labels such as Universal Music, Mentalo, Warner Music, Spinnin’ Record,s and Kontor Records. Apart from her career in the dance-pop genre, her solo pieces fall under the indie pop category. Bonny releases music about personal experiences concerning love, heartbreak, friendships, etc. She hopes for her listeners to connect with her stories as a part of healing from whatever her listeners have endured. From the start of her career, Bonny has proven to reach standing in charts such as ITunes POP, ITunes ‘All Genre,’ and German TikTok.

Written By Melina Darlas



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