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  • Megan Cao

Review: "Eyes on Me" - Guru Legroove

“Eyes on Me” is a seductive jam perfect for the dance floor. From the sultry female vocalist the the unstoppable tone of the beat, the song makes it perfect to get up and dance in your living room with the LEDs on. The club is the scene for infinite possibilities of things, but the notion of dancing in a place with strangers and reveling in the shared feeling of camaraderie and entertainment is not something people enjoy every single day. This song makes it the perfect anthem to celebrate all the good things that have come and are yet to come, looking for what will make you happy in the moment. Especially after a tough 9-5 work week, all people want to do is get up and dance with everyone else’s “eyes on them.” 

Guru Legroove incorporates a variety of genres to create bright and snappy soundscapes, bouncing effortlessly from catchy and popping to yearning yet cautious. From the first hit of the drums, the track sets the atmosphere. As it progresses, it snowballs in intensity and drive, with the emotional voice growing fuller and commanding the soundscape to bend to its will, charisma oozing out of the melodies as the vocalist dazzles the audience. Music is empowering, and the mixed hodgepodge of sounds, emotions, and lyrics catches the emotion of setting yourself free and enjoying a night out, imploring their listeners to let loose once in a while and enjoy the moment. 

Guru Legroove is a globally mobile, Canadian-based, and ever-morphing collective of studio artists, beatmakers, DJs, and producers. This spring, Legroove is determined to bring love, good grooves, and their dancefloor agenda across Europe and Latin America. Just beginning to release songs last year, Legroove has already dropped five songs to start 2024 off right, determined to flood the playlists and dominate the dancefloor. Spreading their constant feeling to get up and dance. Legroove’s intent is in the name, of people to find their joy in grooving with the others around them. 

Written By Megan Cao


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