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  • Fatimah Bouri

Review: "Favorite Mistake" - The Domain x Lousy

A pop-house banger for the ages, "Favorite Mistake" is this brilliant work of The Domain, alongside collaborator Lousy. With the revitalization of house music in mainstream music, this timeless track was released at just the opportune time and serves as a tuneful addition to any party playlist.

Inspired by 80s house trap, soothing synth-pop, and electrifying electronica, The Domain shapes this tune into his own glitzy yet supple showpiece. Lousy on vocals transforms the tune with her resonant lower register and saccharine higher register, giving the tune its very original ebb and flow. When she sings, "I don't need ya, but as soon as I see ya, you're my favorite mistakes," the instrumentation ascends and becomes this ethereal amalgamation that could attract anyone to the nearest dance floor.

With inspiration from Calvin Harris, Diplo, Cheat Codes, and Clean Bandit, The Domain comes onto the scene as a skilled DJ and music producer, utilizing elements of pop, house, dance, and soul combined with vintage production and instrumentation from the 80s. His production can easily be described as "music for the vibes" with infectious hooks, sweeping vocals, and distinct details in his music. His first track "Want Your Love was released in 2021.

Written By Fatimah Bouri



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