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  • Sneet Efrem

Review: "Fired" - Libby Whitehouse

Fired" by Libby Whitehouse is more of a hype breakup anthem, rather than the typical sad breakup song. It flips the script on those traditional breakup tunes by delivering a pop song with a feeling of empowerment and resilience. This track does acknowledge the feelings of heartbreak and pain, but includes the reminder that it doesn’t always have to be that way. It’s a feel good song, a reminder that you’re always in control. You can absolutely cry over an ex as a way to navigate the heartbreak, but you can get up and dance while doing it too. This track is written with Libby’s friend in mind, and with being the bestest friend ever, she crafted these lyrics in a way to lift her friends spirits. But it can lift yours too! The song has such infectious energy that you won’t have a choice but to feel good about letting your ex go. Let this song be your go-to track for healing.

The title, “Fired,” symbolizes Libby’s friend taking control over the situation and her emotions, just as the lyrics remind her (and us) to do. The friend took charge by initiating the breakup due to her boyfriend being a liar. The song opens with a serene tone, with the first verse being a realization that Libby’s friend had overlooked some red flags from early on in the relationship and how this has now impacted the present state of the relationship: "My friends warned me how you're bad at love. But I only saw the best in us. Looking back, so dumb, yeah." At the pre-chorus, the tempo quickens and the anticipation builds, with the lyrics hinting at a reveal in the chorus: “For a minute we just danced around it. It was fun, it didn’t hurt at all. Now I think it’s time to let you go, and let you know.” The chorus has a catchy pop beat, with the drums and electric guitar intensifying the track. The lyrics here are full of honesty and everything Libby’s friend was feeling in the moment, including disgust and a desire to quickly remove her ex from her life with lyrics like, “But little did I know, I loved a liar. So now I'm done, oh boy, you’re getting fired,” “You tried to run, but honey, not this time around. You’re playing nice, ain’t it a shame you got found out,” and “Go pack your bags, oh boy, you’re getting fired.” This part of the song is what feels to be the most playful and empowering. She’s asserting control with each lyric while eloquently bidding farewell to toxicity.

Libby Whitehouse is a 23 year-old Brighton-based pop singer and songwriter. “Fired” comes after her debut single “OMG,” which was released back in February, currently nearing 300,000 streams on Spotify. Both tracks are set to be on her debut EP that’s releasing later this year! Since the announcement of “OMG,” her Tiktok has collected more than 2 million views, as well as receiving love from Radio 1 and plays from Future Pop. Sharing what she wants to inspire in those that listen to her music, Libby stated, “I want my music to be a safe space for people to celebrate life and to express themselves; to celebrate who you love, including yourself, dress how you want to dress, and to be unapologetically…you. It’s also important to me that I encourage my fans to stand up for themselves and to do what makes them happy, no matter what anyone else thinks.” Keep up with Libby Whitehouse by clicking on her social media links below, and check out her newest single, “Fired,” out now!

Written By Sneet Efrem



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