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  • Hailey Schap

Review: "FIX THIS" - Olivia Lunny and Bryce Vine

“Fix This” takes place within an argument, and yet, it is filled with more love and commitment than most songs reflecting the happiest moments of a relationship. It reflects that it is here, in the worst times, that people truly can measure their care for one another. Willing and begging to simply “fix it” because there is so much to be gained from doing so. The piece is about the need to work through these issues, sung from both perspectives, it doesn’t even touch on the actual subject of debate it only repeats that both people want the same thing, again emphasizing the need to work together and how pointless the argument, the distance, and the fighting is in the long run.

The song begins with Olivia Lunny’s verse, displaying the general state of the relationship and ending their description with an exhausted “I don’t wanna fight” that introduces the chorus. It’s upbeat and electric, featuring echoes of her own voice that draw attention to the repetitiveness she must feel in this circling dynamic. As if answering her, Bryce begins next. He sings of the same goals she holds, wanting only peace and peace with her. Calling out this collaboration, they then sing together. When this occurs, the more desperate tone found in both of their individual pieces disappears. The song ends with both of them repeating that title line, “Give me a reason to fix this”.

Olivia Lunny began creating music at twelve years old when she learned guitar and wrote her first song. She gained traction quickly, and her success was noticed, she gained a nomination from the Western Canadian Music Awards for Pop Artist of the Year as well as achieving a spot on the Top 40 with her single “I Got You”. This is her first collaboration with Bryce Vine, who has held a position in the industry for a bit longer. He’s known for his experimentation across genres and has achieved a large public presence, with over four million Spotify listeners as well as various social media platforms that hold similar popularity. Keep up with both artists below.

Written By Hailey Schap




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