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  • Casey Hascup

Review: "Never Really Over" - Pablo Brooks

Get ready to turn up the volume because the one and only Pablo Brooks has released a brand new single entitled, “Never Really Over”! The song explores the struggles of letting go and the complexities of “situationships”.  The simple opening lines of “Never Really Over” truly encompass the heart of the track, “You wanna take it slow/ But I go light speed.” One of the song’s underlying themes includes sudden reconnections and the emotional rollercoaster of breaking up and making up. Another piece of the lyrics reads as follows, “We won’t talk for months/ Then you’ll call me up.” Yet again, Brooks sings about inconsistent reconciliations and the often painful lingering hope which accompanies them.

The sound of “Never Really Over” is electronic-infused. The song sets a perfectly-paced rhythm that keeps the energy high from the start. Brooks’ vocals carry a textured quality, this adds layers of depth and richness to the track. The passion and raw honesty of lyrics is evident throughout the song while the backing track serves as the perfect complement to Brooks’ simple yet punchy vocals. The mood of “Never Really Over” is bittersweet; its lyrics will leave you contemplating the status of your relationship while the music will make you dance!

At the age of only 12, Pablo Brooks burst into the limelight by captivating audiences and garnering an impressive 10k subscribers on Youtube. He would eventually be bestowed with the “Best Youtube Newcomer” award; a milestone which worked to solidify his position as a rising star in the online space. Hailing from the suburbs of Dusseldorf, Germany, Pablo Brooks was born in 2002. He quickly gained a passion for the arts, particularly in movies and photography. Soon, Brooks would venture into the realm of creating music, ultimately growing a dedicated following of over 22.8k monthly Spotify listeners. His discography currently includes acclaimed EPs such as, “Not Like the Movies” and “Pleaser.” If you listened and loved “Never Really Over,” keep an eye out for even more new music from Pablo Brooks using the links to his social media below!

Written By Casey Hascup



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