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  • Lauren Nolan

Review: "Flavor" - Rags and Riches

"Flavor" is the lead single from alt-pop duo Rags to Riches' newest EP, "I NEED A HOLIDAY." Their latest release recounts the band's fun, happy-go-lucky sound with a holiday twist perfect for listening to this December. Throughout the EP, Rags to Riches blends their staple humor with genuine heart, and "Flavor" exemplifies this. The track is about something we can all relate to: not being able to dance, as the duo declares, "I got flavor in all the wrong places baby!" in the chorus. It is funny and, unfortunately, very relatable, as well as, sweet, as the two sing about wanting to dance terribly with this girl they have feelings for. It captures a youthful energy in its high-tempo beat and conversational lyricism that is hard to deny. "Flavor" is infectious---a song that audiences are bound to dance poorly along to. 

The track is highly energetic, from its production to its lyrics. Rags and Riches know how to write a pop song. "Flavor" has a chorus that is crazy catchy, from its strutting drum beat and head-banging guitar licks. When the duo sings on "the dance floor" in the pre-chorus, they create a beautiful falsetto harmony. The two are incredibly personable, as well. They have a strong songwriting sensibility, capturing the real sentiments of young people today under genuinely hilarious one-liners. I mean, come on, they wrote, "Won't you be my little baddie/ Cause under your spell I'm feeling supercalifragile"--that's incredible. That, alongside other lines about liquid courage and feeling like the frog to your SO's princess, are as witty as they are real. Their sound is reminiscent of bands like AJR or the Chainsmokers, mixing humor and heart. "Rags and Riches" captures the carefree spirit of Millennials and Gen Z, all while making an EDM banger in "Flavor."

Rags and Riches is made up of brothers Tanner and Peyton Whitt from Kentucky. The two have been making music for only a few years but have already made a huge splash on the music scene. The duo came out with their official debut in 2019 with the gritty "Speed of Sound," and have only gotten more creative from there. Exploring further EDM and alt-pop sounds, they released their first official album, "Always Gold" in 2022. Rags and Riches currently amassed 51,000 monthly listeners and 1.2 million streams on Spotify and over 300,000 followers on TikTok. The two have just released their second body of work, the EP, "I NEED A HOLIDAY," this month. I'm very excited to hear where they go next, and you can listen to Rag and Riches's discography, including "Flavor" on all streaming platforms now.

Written By Lauren Nolan


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