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  • Giavanna Gradaille

Review: "Gimme (It Girl)" - Drugs Cosmetics

Summer is steadily approaching, and I’ve got the perfect song to get you ready for it.

It’s got sultry vocals that never lose enthusiasm throughout the single's runtime. Mixing that keeps things interesting while keeping you on your toes. A stringed instrument to make you fawn as it keeps up with change in tempo and dynamics. An overall vibe that encapsulates pure excitement. And leaves you wanting more - for it to never end. But if you put it on loop it doesn’t have to end. Let me introduce you to Drugs Cosmetics latest single, “Gimme (It Girl)”.

“Gimme (It Girl)” is a high-energy banger that’s determined to play on repeat in your head and on your playlist. The song opens with Max Steger’s guitar plucking that mimics a ticking bomb moments before it blows. This is building up towards something explosive and listeners are bracing themselves for it. Alongside the strings is Shi la Rosa’s alluring and provocative vocals that are calling in for love. But love always seems to come knocking at the door at the wrong time. That’s okay, though - just because it’s the wrong time doesn’t mean we still can’t have a good time. And if Drugs Cosmetics is providing the good time, I’m more than happy for love to be placed on the back burners for now. The bomb’s finally detonated as the chorus bursts into the single. It gives listeners endless guitar riffs to get addicted on when they’re not transfixed by Pete Cho’s mixing or Shi la Rosa’s energetic delivery. The song repeats this sequence as it progresses, making the high listeners get each time greater and greater. It also transforms the “Gimme just a little bit” lyrics in the latter half of the chorus into a double entendre: we don’t want just a little bit of love - we want a little bit more of the song, too. We’re craving more. And I’m especially craving a music video! If “Gimme (It Girl)” already has me this delirious from an auditory experience, I can only imagine what accompanying visuals could do.

The alt-pop band, Drugs Cosmetics, was founded in Chicago but came together in Los Angeles. The group consists of Pete Cho and Shi la Rosa, with guitarist Max Steger joining with the release of the group’s single, “Car Crash”. They make unique blends of pop music that have elements of alternative, dance, indie, and rock in it – satisfying the palette of any casual listener. But each member has an impressive discography outside of the group, too. Pete Cho’s 2020 EP, CHO, features some fantastic dance-pop singles – “Talk (Make Up My Mind” is a personal favorite of mine. Shi la Rosa’s 2017 EP, Sometimes I Think of You, is bedroom-pop that’ll have you hooked for days. And Max Steger mixed and mastered the recent, soul-filled R&B excellence that is “Candlelight” feat. D Smoke by SHERIE. If you’ve enjoyed the collective creativity of Drugs Cosmetics as much as I have, show them some virtual love in the form of streams, likes, and follows. You just might be able to catch them create and produce upcoming music on their live Twitch streams, too.

Written by Giavanna Gradaille



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