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  • Megan Cao

Review: "Giving You Up Now" - Odd Blossom

Cover Art: Ensis Records

"Giving You Up Now" by Odd Blossom – the dexterous brainchild of Kevin Moffat & Jake Cooper –pulsates with fervor and finesse, marrying heart-tugging emotion with bass that grumbles like an impending storm. Crafted through remote collaboration between Moffat in Phoenix and Cooper in Chicago, "Giving You Up Now" distills their individual strengths into a single entity. It encapsulates the duality of their musical personas – Jake's penchant for crafting beauty in melody entwined with Kevin's proclivity for the heavier, dirtier edges of bass. Moffat and Cooper have crafted a narrative of heroic romanticism, woven through the song’s tapestry. The track unfolds the tale of a heart challenged by the notion of letting go, conveyed through evocative vocals that highlight the precious complexity of love and loss.

From the ascent of its opening bars, the song announces its intentions with a clarity that resonates. It is a testament to the project's ethos: modern commercial lyrics enmeshed with melodic instrumentals, encompassing an atmosphere filled with longing, set against the visceral punch of gritty bass tones. On a technical level, the song manages to strike the delicate balance between radio-ready appeal and the festival-stage dynamism. The narrative core of the song, with its thematic depiction of releasing what you hold dear, propels the listener through an aural journey that is both personal and relatable. It's the type of track that resonates with the listener long after the last note has faded, leaving a lingering touch of melancholy tinged with empowerment.

Odd Blossom is the melodic bass pop brainchild of producers Kevin Moffat and Jake Cooper, who have combined their formidable talents to create music that resonates deeply with emotional undercurrents and gritty bass. Their collaboration, forged from a deep-rooted friendship that blossomed in high school, has led to a fusion of sounds that challenges the boundaries of conventional electronic music, marked by haunting melodies, evocative hooks, and a subtle edge that speaks to the soul. With a wealth of experience and support from respected labels and industry giants, Odd Blossom represents the perfect amalgamation of Moffat's textured, bass-driven soundscapes and Cooper's ability to craft authentic, heartfelt tunes, culminating in a duo that not only captivates listeners but leaves an indelible mark on the electronic music scene.

Written By Megan Cao


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