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  • Aaron Soltis

Review: "go tell yesterday" - Edwina Maben

Edwina Maben’s song “go tell yesterday” is the perfect mix between pop and Disney. Featuring a beautiful voice, a driving beat, and an awesome guitar, Maben creates a sense of hope and power in the world; something we could all use a little more of. The line “that if yesterday hurt me, tomorrow is gonna heal me” provides an idea of strength and courage in the face of tragedy as it fiddles with the concept that time can heal the wounds of the past. I think this message is absolutely beautiful and provides a foundation for people who are suffering throughout the world’s crises. What a great song!

While I could talk all day about the stunning voice that is Edwina Maben, I think it’s important to describe what else makes this song magical. A classic mix of guitar, keyboard, bass, and strings, this song has a strong foundation that just screams motivation. I love the use of a classic drum set (which is often absent in modern pop music) as it provides a very human-esq feeling compared to some 808s. The overdubs and harmonies on the vocal creates the idea that a group is singing instead of one person, giving the melody more weight and meaning. The professionalism of the mix is also top-notch!

From Denver, Colorado, singer/songwriter Edwina Maben is an emerging talent in the music industry. After being selected as a top 5 finalist in Guitar Center’s 2017 national songwriting contest, Edwina went on to attend the University of Colorado with a degree in recording arts and computer science. She’s performed for notable spaces such as: The Troubadour (LA), Colorado & Company (9NEWS), and TEDxMileHigh and has made a large impact in the community with Youth on Record's FEMpowered program and Music Minds Matter. You can check out her music on Spotify, Pandora, and Youtube or go visit her social media links to find the latest information on new songs, news, and more!

Written By Aaron Soltis



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