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  • Melina Darlas

Review: "Golden Age" - Rosie Darling

"Golden Age" is Rosie expressing her longing for a time in her life when she can feel truly alive. This song reveals just how much ambition Rosie holds and how she's aching to turn that ambition into something greater. She expresses how she feels through lines such as "I should probably stand for something but my feet can't reach the ground" and "This isn't living it's just taking up space." All thoughts that express just how much Rosie wishes to reach that point in her life that will make her feel something. This piece is extremely relatable to the youth of this time, as we are all striving to reach that point in our lives when we have all of those youthful experiences that we see in the movies.

There are a lot of layers that make up the entirety of this piece and all are equally as intense as the other. The beat, melody, and Rosie's vocals all keep a light tone, but each has a little kick to it. Starting with her voice, Rosie has that sweet tone to her, but there's also that cord of strength buried in there that makes her voice powerful. The beat keeps the song pretty fast-paced, keeping the energy high to match the level of emotion that Rosie has put into this piece. The melody stays at a consistent speed that matches the beat, but then slows down a bit towards the end of the song to allow the guitar strums to be heard. This makes the lyrics more personable at this part since the melody softens for a moment. Overall, Rosie created a wonderful piece concerning the struggle to feel as if you're actually taking care of your youth or just letting it pass by.

Rosie moved from the east coast to LA to begin networking in order to kickstart her musical career. After just two years full of hard work and determination, Rosie had built a powerful team of producers and songwriters. She debuted her first EP entitled Coping, a work about her emotional growth and how she was able to turn pain into beauty. This EP encapsulates Rosie's mindset of how she is able to continuously learn new things about herself and then share those lessons with the world through her music. Other works of Rosie's include her track "L.A." which she and producer OKO released entirely on their own, and amassed millions of streams on Spotify. Also, Rosie wrote "Never Be The Same" for the EDM duo Tritonal, which skyrocketed to number one on SiriusXM's BPM radio.

Written By Melina Darlas



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