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  • Morgan Fischer

Review: "Hallelujah (Movin Through Ya)" - Marisa Finley

Marisa Finley Hallelujah (Movin Through Ya) Cover Art.

This song, “Hallelujah (Movin Through Ya)” by Marisa Finley, is a soft indie-pop song about the all too common story of falling in love with someone before you truly know who they are. With lyrics like “I don’t want to lie to myself anymore” and “Once I really knew ya, I could see right through ya,” Finley showcases how you can trick yourself into thinking that this person is perfect for you before you realize that they aren’t who you really thought they really were at all. This is a trap so many people fall into and it can be hard to get out of. A person can seem like the ideal, they can seem like everything you want, when truly, no one is perfect and something that seems too good to be true probably is.

“Hallelujah (Movin Through Ya)” is a pensive indie song that relies on hazy instrumentals and smooth vocals to tell the story Marisa Finley is sharing. Starting out with cheerful bird sounds that break into a retro-sounding track, you’re placed right into the steam-like state that this song keeps up consistently throughout the nearly five minutes. The first verse starts about thirty seconds into the song, layering Finley’s delicate vocals over the rich melody. Overall, this song is perfect for fans of crying to sad music in the bathtub or getting into your feels while driving in the car. Finley has created a masterpiece of emotion, and I already know it’s going to be a favorite of mine.

Marisa Finley is an up-and-coming singer songwriter based in Canada. With a wispy, melancholic sound that sets her in the same genre as songs like George Harrison’s “All Things Must Pass,” Finley is cementing herself as a master of lush production and heavy-hitting lyrics and vocals. She worked on this song with her long-term friend, musician and producer Peter Mol, who has worked with other artists such as Father John Misty and Quincy Jones. “She is influenced by musicians such as Kevin Morby and Cotton Jones, and focuses on themes of love, loss, and outgrowing versions of yourself. Use the links below to listen to “Hallelujah (Movin Through Ya)”!

Written By Morgan Fischer

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