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  • Kelli Dixon

Review: "HEARTBREAK ON REPEAT" - Olivia Lunny

It feels good to be cared for and share our love with another person. Therefore, it is no wonder why we are drawn to romantic relationships. Keep in mind that the person who you choose to spend your life with in this way should build you up and encourage you to follow all your dreams. If you feel as though a relationship is holding you back, you’re better off alone. As harsh as this reality may sound, life is too short to not get everything you want out of it. Olivia Lunny knows this and writes about it in her upbeat single, “HEARTBREAK ON REPEAT.” She uses her musical gifts to encourage listeners to prioritize their happiness and embrace their journeys, even if it means leaving a trail of broken hearts behind.

From the beginning of the song, we hear a steady bass line that gives off an air of defiance in my opinion. It is layered with other elements, such as piano, violin, and background vocals. This is great because it echoes Lunny’s strong message of being independent. All of this forms a solid backdrop for Lunny’s main vocals. The first verse starts out with, “Is the devil in my eyes a dead give away? That I could hurt you like nobody.” It continues with, “I would rather be the giver when it comes to pain.” From these lyrics, I don’t think Olivia Lunny is out to purposely break hearts. Rather, I feel that she is set on following her dreams, keeping an eye on the prize. She isn’t going to let anything stop her. This is a mindset we should all adopt, whether we’re in a relationship or not.

Olivia Lunny is a Canadian singer/songwriter from Winnipeg. At 12 years old, she started playing guitar and writing songs. Since then, she has earned herself a Western Canadian Music Award nomination for Pop Artist of the Year. Her 2019 single, “I Got You,” became a Top 40 hit. In contrast to “HEARTBREAK ON REPEAT” and its message of independence, this song is about the joy of being with the one you love. If you want even more music recommendations from Lunny, check out her other 2023 single, “TIMEZONE.” It has a great dance sound. The lyrics express how hard it is to be away from someone you love. Follow all of Olivia Lunny’s socials down below to learn more about her and stay up-to-date on new music!

Written By Kelli Dixon



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