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  • Morgan Fischer

Review: "Hollywood Heartbeats" - Black Sands x KOOLKID

This song, “Hollywood Heartbeats” by musicians Black Sands and KOOLKID, is a modern, upbeat pop song that explores the feelings of love and nostalgia. Written with the feeling of soaking in LA sunshine, this song dives into the vibes and moods that make Hollywood the aesthetic dream that it is. References in the lyrics of the song add to that feeling, with lines like “you’ve got me feeling like a new James Dean” painting a picture of a time that’s gone by. I can perfectly envision this song playing while a car with two teenagers zooms along a beach side road, while they laugh and have a good time like the last scene of a coming of age movie!

“Hollywood Heartbeats” is a very upbeat, joyful song with a great beat that keeps you dancing for all two and a half minutes of it. Starting out with four beats before spreading out into a rich melody and bright harmony for the first verse, the song sucks you right in and makes you bop your head from the very beginning. The vocals are smooth and slide right into the stylish track, and pick up the pace along with the beat as the song continues into the chorus. It then melts back into a second verse without a hitch, before jumping right back into another rendition of the chorus and wrapping up the song with a cool echoing effect of the vocals that just adds to the feeling that this song would be perfect for a Hollywood movie soundtrack!

Black Sands is a new collaborative recording project started by the American producer Andrew Balfour and based in the city of Los Angeles. Working with various artists from all over the world, Black Sands creates sounds and tracks reminiscent of artists like Marshmello, Troye Sivan, and the 1975, mixing genres such as alt-pop, modern rock, and R&B. Black Sands has been releasing music since 2020, and has gathered an impressive group of friends with their acclaimed and experimental music. Accompanying Black Sands on this track is the UK pop artist KOOLKID, who hails from Glasgow and has also been releasing music since 2020. This singer-songwriter produces his own modern pop ballads, as well as pens tracks for other famous bands such as BTS. Use the links below to explore more of Black Sands’ and KOOLKID’s amazing music!

Written By Morgan Fischer

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