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  • Chantal Charles

Review: "Hollywood" - Mary and the Sharks

The latest single by Mary and the Sharks, “Hollywood,” shows a level of maturity that comes with waking up one day and understanding that it is time to move on, even if it wasn’t planned. The song is a cinematic alt-pop track that does well in portraying a very specific picture. With how honest the lyrical content is, it shows how brave of an artist Mary and the Sharks are to admit these things. While the song is deeply moving, it is still upbeat enough to leave room to have fun with it. It’s important to have songs like “Hollywood” that show that it’s okay to start anew and that there’s no shame in self-reflection.

In terms of the style of “Hollywood,” it is reminiscent of that 2010’s alt-pop sound. The beat that we initially hear from the beginning is incredibly catchy and creates a dark energy of sorts. It makes the ambiance of the track feel almost haunted. What’s nice about the pre-chorus is that it builds up into the chorus smoothly instead of feeling out of place. The explosion of sound that takes place during the chorus is an excellent exploration of the emotional intent of the lyrics. The production of the song helps with this as well as it does have this film-like emotional appeal. There is also a hint of an 80s influence in the post-chorus instrumental that keeps the energy going. Overall, “Hollywood” is a great track that captures listeners' attention to the artistry of Mary and the Sharks.

Mary and the Sharks is a Berlin-based artist. The artist’s style feels influenced by 80s alternative pop, while also having the input of modern-day electropop. It’s clear that the artist has taken this blend of genres to make their own. The artist has two previous releases with “I Don’t Care (If You Don’t Care)” being the most popular of the two, gaining over 11,000 streams on Spotify. With the track “Hollywood,” Mary and the Sharks is taken a step into a new direction as a result of self-reflection, and that is made clear due to “Hollywood” sounds more mature and determined than the artist's past tracks. Mary and the Sharks are expected to release a new single “I Know” in November of this year, so keep your eyes and ears open.

Written By Chantal Charles


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