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  • Lauren Nolan

Review: "Home" - Lullabee

U.K. artist Lullabee's newest single, "Home," is a time capsule into 2020. The COVID-19 pandemic is almost four years old, yet it feels like it happened only yesterday. The heightened emotions, social isolation, and mental anguish are still fresh in our minds, and "Home" captures all of it. The track is about wanting to see someone while feeling the exhaustion of quarantine. Lullabee wrote "Home" amidst lockdown, which shines through in its authentic lyrics. She captures the widespread attitude of the time: the desperation to see each other, the longing for normalcy, the lethargy. "Bored of staring at the floor for days / Come help me look away / Smile with me / Before I go insane" is a line that will hit extremely close for many. In writing "Home," Lullabee explains that she "wanted to make a track that connected with the world during a long period of time that was ripped away from us." And she did it exactly. "Home' is the cathartic pandemic anthem we all could use right now.

"Home" is a seamless blend of unique sounds. The production includes a boomy indie-rock drum beat with a prominent snare, as well as intricate violin strings recorded from Budapest orchestral arrangement. What results is a track that sonically matches the sorrow of its lyricism. "Home" is a melancholy yet melodic pop cut. It's dynamic, building with the emotions Lullabee describes. The more she describes the despair of wanting to be with this person in real life, the grander the instrumental becomes. Lullabee's vocals are gentle and expressive, adding to the quiet devastation of the track. "Home" is a gorgeous, hard-hitting song. Its instrumental is woozy and soft, with lyrics that candidly discuss the mental health of lockdown.

Lullabee, or Katie Brown, is a singer-songwriter from London, England. Her music blends indie bedroom pop with a dark aesthetic. She strives to use her real-world experiences to craft her art. Her first single, "Obsession," a dreamy, low-key ballad, debuted in October 2023. Both songs feature the artist's signature soft vocals and a dreamy sound, akin to artists like Kali Uchis or Phoebe Bridgers. There are 3000 downloads of Lullabee's singles on Spotify, supported on the streaming platform under their Pure Indie and New Female Pop collections. The artist is preparing for upcoming concerts throughout London and Brighton this February, where she will perform her current and future releases. In only her two singles so far, Lullabee has established herself as a must-hear up-and-coming musician whose next releases will be exciting to hear. "Home" is available to stream now.

Written By Lauren Nolan


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