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  • Chantal Charles

Review: "How to Get Over You" - Kaiyah Mercedes

The classic tragedy of trying to get over a person, and the difficulties of trying to get over that grief. This is what artist Kaiyah Mercedes explores in her latest song, “How to Get Over You.” The ballad is beautiful yet painful and it certainly haunts your brain as you listen to the story Mercedes paints in such an angelic manner. Mercedes has such a gorgeous voice, and it only accentuates the lyrical content of the track. What makes this song special is that Mercedes isn’t afraid to portray the aftermath of unrequited love, which isn’t as accepted in the social norm as much. Kaiyah Mercedes isn’t afraid of expressing the aftermath of being rejected by someone you cared for and it only makes them a better artist.

The descriptions sung by Mercedes in the opening verse portray how during grief those small details about a person burn in your mind, which only makes moving on much more difficult. Because it is a simple piano ballad, the song isn’t that busy, this choice works well with the context of the story. However, there are certain details within the production of the song that really shape the ambiance. The added atmospheric effects and sounds transport listeners into the world Mercedes wants us to explore. As previously mentioned, Mercedes’ voice is beautiful and really matches the emotions of the lyrics. “How to Get Over You” does well in its portrayal of unrequited love, and it was a great introduction to the artistry of Kaiyah Mercedes.

Kaiyah Mercedes is a 17-year-old artist from Melbourne, Australia. Her debut album “Hindsight” was released in October 2022 and did well in radio play. Since she started making music at a young age, she has accomplished so much and has cultivated quite a number of listeners. “How to Get Over You” was initially written when they were 14, but they were later able to revisit it with a much more mature lens. The song is off of Mercedes’ upcoming sophomore album. Kaiyah Mercedes is certainly an interesting artist and it’s exciting to see what comes next for them.

Written By Chantal Charles


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