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  • Lauren DiGiovanni

Review: "I Don't Wanna Leave Just Yet" - Thomas Day

Thomas Day just released his new song, “I Don’t Wanna Leave Just Yet,” and it's definitely going to be his next big hit. The song tells the story of an unexpected goodbye with a partner, and how you don’t want to leave them or the memories yet. In the first verse, Thomas expresses his frustrations about the ending of his relationship, saying that one wrong spark went off and now their whole relationship is in flames. He wants to go back to the good times of his relationship, but can’t. Thomas tells his girlfriend in the pre-chorus that he doesn’t expect her to give the last of her, “but, selfishly, [he’s] hoping that [she’ll] stay.” In the chorus, he says that he wants to cuddle in bed one more time, to hold onto the moment for as long as he can. He knows leaving is going to be rough, and he’s scared, but he says “I don’t wanna leave just yet.” Thomas goes into all of the warning signs that he ignored in the second verse. He says there was writing on the wall, “but [they’ll] lay here and watch them fall.” Thomas apologizes for being too attached and for holding on for too long, but he’s “tryna take it in before you’re gone.” He repeats the pre-chorus and chorus, and then he lets loose of his emotions in the bridge with the lyrics, “If we don’t have forever, just give me tonight.” Thomas is an artful singer and songwriter and doesn’t shy away from writing emotionally-charged lyrics.

“I Don’t Wanna Leave Just Yet” is a beautifully raw piano ballad. The track features Thomas’ amazing voice, which starts off breathy in the verses but builds in the chorus. He ends each chorus with a beautiful, emotional belt of the title. The chord progression on the piano has some dissonance, which helps portray the strong emotions that he feels. Besides the piano, there is some light acoustic guitar, but also a deep and lush orchestra. The strings add beauty to the song, which contrasts the rest of the production and his lyrics. The overall vibe of “I Don’t Wanna Leave Just Yet” is slightly ominous, yet, it still has a dramatic or over-the-top production. The climax of the song is in the bridge, which features an electric guitar melody line. The lyrics are short and sweet, but powerful emotions still pour out from Thomas’ voice.

Thomas Day is a Nashville, Tennessee native, who grew up surrounded by the music scene. Even before he started writing music, he loved listening to raw and emotional songs, like Maroon 5’s “About Jane” and The Beatles’ “Yesterday.” He grew up in a musical family, started musical theater when he was young, and soon realized that music was his passion. Although he was made fun of for pursuing music in high school, once he went viral on Instagram for his cover of Adele’s “Set Fire To the Rain,” his fan base started to grow. After joining TikTok in 2019, he amassed even more fame. He posted many covers on the platform, most notably songs by Bruno Mars, Lewis Capaldi, and Sam Smith, and now has almost 7 million followers on TikTok and over 850k monthly listeners on Spotify. “I Don’t Wanna Leave Just Yet” is a single off his first album, “Love Me For Another Day,” which comes out on October 27. Thomas Day will continue to show off his beautiful voice, his profound lyrics, and his great musicianship for many years to come.

Written By Lauren DiGiovanni



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