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  • Chantal Charles

Review: "I'm Not Sure What To Do" - Lisa Danaë

Photo Credits: Anna Azarov

Being struck with loss is one of the most difficult challenges we will ever experience. Those who have experienced grief before understand that a part of you dies when someone you care for passes. Lisa Danaë’s latest song “I’m Not Sure What To Do” is an incredibly raw artwork that depicts the aftermath of the death of a loved one. Lisa Danaë’s song tugs at your heartstrings as you begin to remember all the people in your life who have passed and how much that takes away with you. We are left feeling stunned and wisped into this state of uncertainty about how to go on without that person in our life. Not only is the subject matter of the track an incredibly personal one, the vocal performance by Danaë really carries the emotional toll she’s experiencing. Her voice is hauntingly beautiful as it takes you out of reality and sends you back to the past. Lisa Danaë’s talent brings a sense of comfort in her ability to make you understand how loss is a universal experience, and it is difficult for anyone to move on from.

The song's sound has a clear darkness to it, in a way that pulls you from different ends. The song is direct with its lyrics and vocals struck with grief more than anything else. The primary focus we see in the lyrics is the inability to let go of what has taken place and being stuck in that moment of being told of someone’s death. Death and the tormenting agony that comes with it are ubiquitous, and that’s what the song paints. Danaë makes a connection to this by mentioning feeling empathetic, yet still frightened to go through with this moment in her life. This uncertainty to experience grief can be heard in her voice as well. The instruments in the song aren’t as complex, and this truly does benefit this track. The more prominent instruments in the song are a simple bass and piano in the background, but it works well because it allows more of a focus on the storytelling. There are some interesting harmonies with slight effects that make the song feel more substantial and ethereal. The song is very clean in production, which creates a nice contrast with the vulnerability of the song's subject matter. With everything Danaë has put into this track, the listener goes on this spiritual journey of the process of grief, and how frightening it can be to let yourself be consumed by it.

Lisa Danaë is a Filipino-American musician from California. She’s had a love for music from a young age, idolizing several pop sensations early on. She’s developed this signature sound, which has been labeled as "dark pop" before, and this song comes from a combination of elements of pop and R&B. Danaë goal when it comes to songwriting, is to create a community that uplifts each other and reminds one another that there is always someone around the corner who has your back. She stayed very busy over the years, and even received a Wavy Awards nomination for Song of the Year for her song, “Weigh Me Down.” With her music, Danaë hopes to create a safe space for not just her fans but to create a space for minorities in music that share her experiences. She’s a clear genuine individual who is here to spread positivity and comfort in the form of addictive art. There aren’t many artists like Lisa Danaë, so start tuning in as soon as you can.

Written By Chantal Charles



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