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  • Alison Holst

Review: "i wanna fall in love for the night" - ellakate

Photo Credits: @photosbylindsayann

"i wanna fall in love for the night," is the newly released single from singer-songwriter ellakate. ellakate expresses a passion for music, which becomes evident after listening to her newest single. "i wanna fall in love for the night," is an alternative pop ballad, about reaching for love, while afraid that it could also hurt you. Overall, the song really encapsulates the range of emotions that occur when falling in love. In doing so the song touches upon the sweetness of it, as well as the negative side affects that often arise as well. Whether describing the positive or negative feelings that arise from falling in love, both are done so with great passion from ellakate. Another story element of "i wanna fall in love for the night," is time and the harm time can cause to relationship. The complexity and range of emotions displayed in this song, makes it both an enjoyable and cathartic listen.

The center piece of "i wanna fall in love for the night" is ellakate's voice. Her voice and lyrics do an excellent job at propelling both the story and melody forward in an effortless way. Her ability to emphasize certain lyrics of the song, gives the song a very complex and personal touch. It sounds as though only ellakate could sing the song is the exact moment it takes place. Her vocal range and variety is really put to use within "i wanna fall in love for the night," as it adds depth where the piano lacks. The song being structured as a piano ballad, generates strong emotions that listeners become easily receptive to. Both the simple piano melodies and harmonies, combined with her haunting and gentle voice, orchestrate a vivid picture. Through this vivid picture, listeners are able to pick up on the passion ellakate presents to "i wanna fall in love for the night."

ellakate was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. Now still based in Atlanta, ellakate works on singing and songwriting. Ever since she was a child ellakate displayed signs of passion for music. She often found herself creating music as well as performing it. This passion fostered itself as she grew older, leading her to write and perform music today. The songs she creates, go beyond personal experience, as they often venture into the imaginary. In this way ellakate shows she is a true artist with a knack for writing. Her haunting and bold sound paired with her skills as a writer, make ellakate a fresh talent within the alternative pop genre.

Written By Alison Holst



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