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  • Giavanna Gradaille

Review: "IDNTBR" - BRE

There’s a lot of open discussion regarding role models and their obligation to uphold high standards since they aid in molding the general public. This conversation focuses on how these figures influence character and professional aspirations. But seldom do we see role models exemplifying how healthy relationships operate. And that’s why I’m grateful for artists like BRE who not only take their status as a role model seriously but demonstrate how to manage and foster the connections we have. BRE’s “IDNTBR” (or “I Don’t Need to Be Right”) focuses on nurturing a romantic relationship in moments of heated disagreements.

“IDNTBR” is an alt-pop single about validating your relationship over feeding the compulsive need to be right. All the verses within the song reflect BRE’s inner monologue, while the chorus is what's said to the partner. The music video for “IDNTBR” expertly showcases this difference, too. The song opens with BRE admitting they’re wrong in the first verse. But this is a self-admission; notice in the music video that BRE is surrounded in darkness with only a spotlight on her. In the center of this spotlight, its focal point, tends to be BRE’s head which relays to the audience that what is being said here are internalized thoughts. Once the chorus is laid down, the landscape of the music video changes. BRE is now in a well-lit room, singing into a microphone in a pink suit. The lighted room lets the audience know we’re no longer inside of BRE’s head. The microphone expands on this sentiment – it directly represents vocalization and informs that these lyrics are spoken words said to the partner. Finally, the pink suit symbolizes empathy in this context; letting the audience know that this conversation with the partner is grounded with the awareness and understanding that their connection is much more valuable than winning a dispute. Throughout the song and subsequent music video, audiences see the continual shift between BRE’s internalized thoughts and spoken words. Ultimately, “IDNTBR” proves that when we’re willing to unlearn the need to be right, it provides the space to have honest communication that helps a romantic relationship blossom.

Los Angeles-based producer, songwriter, and singer, BRE, has been perfecting and performing her blend of fem-rock for over a decade. The artist released her debut album in 2012 at 16-years-old under the stage name Breanna Lynn. Between then and now BRE’s released three singles, two Eps, and a live album under the previous stage name; established her band Bre-L, and produced their album; and releases singles under the new stage name, BRE, all while working as a dueling piano bar player. All of her projects have helped the artist evolve into the powerhouse performer we all know now with an infinity for lyricism, melodic vocals, and messages of self-empowerment and improvement. If you’ve enjoyed BRE’s creative inclinations as much as I have, show the artist some virtual love in the form of streams, likes, and follows.

Written by Giavanna Gradaille



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