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  • Stephanie Berning

Review: "If Time Stood Still" - Years of the Modern

Do you ever find yourself getting lost in fantasizing about the future? “If Time Stood Still” reminds listeners to stay in the present. When you are in love it is easy to get lost in thinking what can be and how your relationship will grow, but the singer asks you to think about what is happening now and be a realist about the relationship. The lyrics illustrate how it is okay for a relationship to not last forever and to run its course. The single continues, telling the audience to focus on how they can show the people they love their affection daily. These thoughtful lyrics are complemented by the fun new wave and post-punk melody that Years of the Modern is known for.

The track begins with an instrumental that has a synth-pop feel. The vocalist, Amanda Lyn Parker soon joins in, singing about trying to stay grounded in reality as love tries to lift her into daydreaming. Throughout the song, Lauren Leprich’s synths sound ethereal and add a fun element to the single. As the song continues into the second verse, the instrumental gets softer and allows the singer’s unique and stunning voice to shine, especially in the second chorus as Parker belts the final line, “If you take it back”. “If Time Stood Still” ends with a short, insanely fantastic instrumental interlude before the final fading lines.

Years of the Modern is comprised of Amanda Lyn Parker on vocals, Lauren Leprich on synths, and Jay Edonel on guitar. The members came together to make music during their downtime while in quarantine. The band is inspired by synths from the 80s post-punk and new wave scenes, such as The Cure, The Smiths, and Depeche Mode. This group released its debut single in April 2021. Since their first song, they have released an EP that is a collection of their singles, titled, “Time & Space”. Recently, the band has also announced they are releasing merchandise and are performing in new cities in Canada so keep an eye out for Years of the Modern!

Written By Stephanie Berning


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