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  • Jane Katryn

Review: "In Madness" - Constance

In this raw and powerful ballad titled "In Madness", Constance pulls on our heartstrings and makes us bask in our emotions. Writing this song from her feelings about the war and invasion in Ukraine, she brings a song that ignites a little spark of hope. The song is sentimental, emotional, and intense, dragging us into her mindset as she sings this. "In Madness" lets listeners feel everything they're capable of simultaneously, leaving us to explore this new combination of vulnerability and sentiment we didn't know existed.

Constance starts off the song with soft piano melodies then comes in with her gentle vocals and lets the music meld and swirl around our heads, imbuing its meaning into our hearts. She sings, "in love and in madness/in strength and in sadness/when all of the world feels like it's giving up on you". This delves into the strength that comes with being human--being able to go through hard times and still find the power in us to love and live. She emphasizes this hope with the words, "cause I see the dawn in you/the light is breaking through" telling listeners that it's essential never to lose hope.

Constance, or Christina Ann O'Conner, is a Canadian singer/songwriter. She uses her music to express herself, powerfully releasing fiery feelings through her authenticity, lyricism, and melodies. She takes on the stage name Constance as a tribute to her late mother by the same name. The singer/songwriter explores topics such as heartbreak, love, and loss through her spectacular and unique sound, sure to gain hordes of fans who are attracted to the stories she has to tell.

Written by Jane Katryn



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