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  • Hailey Schap

Review: "Indigo" - Elvira Alfaro

“Indigo” is a piece made in appreciation of beauty, life, and love. Through its lyrics actually describing the phenomenon and its magnetizing sound, Elvira Alfaro recreates the feeling of gravitational connection found between individuals. Whether this be a long lasting love, or a new sense of a relationship as she implies in the song, the euphoric sense of belonging she creates is purely based on chemistry. This is of course a love song, but Alfaro offers a unique approach not often seen when someone experiences such passion. That is, an appreciation for the passion and the wonder of the relationship itself rather than for the person found within it. In her description of her surroundings and the lack of one for the subject of her affection, she creates a song meant to be felt by everyone. It is personalized in its detailed layout of private emotions but obscure enough to be applicable to any sense of love, and here lies the mastery of it, the listener has no idea who she sings to when she says “you” and yet every listener has a clear image in their mind of who the song is about due to the intimacy of the feelings she’s so openly displayed.

The song begins with the sound of a tape clicking into place and starting to play, an echoing electric beat being the song it holds. This fades into a more classic sound of acoustic as Alfaro begins singing. She describes her surroundings at first which quickly translates to her emotions. Her voice is soft and makes every note feel as if she’s confessing it. She’s a conversational singer, offering each line to her listeners as if she’s telling them a story, and her voice which begins so quietly and grows stronger as she sings offers the perfect tool for this. As personal as the lyrics may feel, Alfaro’s honesty to her very tone manages to create an even more emotive listen. Around the middle of the song, she starkly conflicts the sweetness that seemed to develop from the beginning with a surprising but tastefully unique twist into a faster electric guitar. This lasts only a moment before she begins singing with the acoustic again, admiring her surroundings and radiating peace. The electric guitar makes a few appearances in the instrumentals following, but sounding more at ease and even matching the tranquility of her general theme. She leaves the piece with the line “Everything is you”, attributing the power of this relationship and the marvel of the space around them to her partner.

Elvira Alfaro is a Sweden based artist currently building up her discography as well as an extremely connected fan base. Her first release was only last year with the single “Space” which set the tone for her token indie sound comparable to that of artists such as Phoebe Bridgers. Since that first song, she’s created and released seven others, each an expression of genuine emotion and offering an example of her skill set vocally and instrumentally. Despite being such a new artist, her name has already been echoing through several articles and her music through tens of thousands of ears around the world. Join her growing audience by streaming “Indigo” now and follow Elvira below.

Written By Hailey Schap


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