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  • Melina Darlas

Review: "Kind Of Love" - Alessia Labate X Emdey

Alessia Labate and Emdey just dropped this EDM beat with the perfect summer vibe that also takes a twist on traditional romance and relationships. Paired with Emdey's fresh beats that he always brings with his pieces, Labate sings about how she is reassuring her lover of her feelings for them but how she also wishes to explore what others have to offer her. This idea aligns well with the freedom and relaxation people tend to interact with in the summer. In summer, people tend to let loose and look for a good time whenever the offer is presented to them. Labate's lyrics are paired with the lively beat and melody that Emdey brings to the table to create this wonderful EDM track.

Even from the beginning, this track starts out with such a powerful sound which is perfect for an EMD song. The beat is very prominent from the second the song is played, and is perfectly in balance with Labate's vocals. The melody, the beat, and Labate's vocals compliment one another extremely well. There are times when Labate's voice is given the spotlight and others when the electric beat is given more attention creating a good balance between all aspects of this piece. Emdey takes listeners on a ride with his work by creating anticipation before the beat drops during the chorus, times when the beat mellows out a bit, and a perfect entry and exit for the beat. Overall, Labate and Emdey created a successfull colab when they dropped this song and is perfect to add to your summer party tracklist.

Alessia Labate is an Italian singer, songwriter, producer, and independent Pop artist based in Milano. Labate was first discovered as a contestant on an Italian talent show at age 12, where she duetted with Peter Cincotti and James Blunt and won a scholarship to “CET – Scuola di Mogol”, a prestigious Italian songwriting school. Right after the show she toured Italy’s arenas, started writing, and at 17 she participated in The Voice of Italy. After graduating high school, Labate moved to Rome and then to Milan to make music full-time. She signed to a NY-based management company and started traveling to collaborate with producers and songwriters from around the world while simultaneously launching a steady stream of releases, mostly EDM and Pop, with labels such as Universal German / France / Netherlands, Selected, NCS, STMPD, Loudkult, Protocol, etc.

Emdey is a new EDM project run by artist Marvin Dörsam. Growing up, he was always interested in making music and picked up a few instruments throughout his time growing up. He released his first remix at the age of 17 and since then has signed music over to Armin van Buuren's label, Armada Music, and has been DJing. Whether it's Tropical, House or Deep music, Dörsam will always bring beats that are sure to electrify a dance floor.

Written By Melina Darlas




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