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  • Maddy Mahady

Review: "Kinda Into You" - Victoria Anthony

Have you ever met someone and had an instant connection? As soon as you met, you felt something deep with a stranger. It’s odd, considering you knew nothing about the person. Who knew what the connection could mean or where it could lead, but it sat in your head and your heart, begging to be explored. Victoria Anthony knows a thing or two about these feelings in her new song, “Kinda Into You”. It’s been a week since she’s met someone, but she feels herself falling for them. She’s aware that they hardly know each other – she knows that things might not even work out - but she has to follow her heart. This person has taken over her thoughts and she needs to see what this connection could be. For those of us who believe in fate, this song is sure to get you excited by the possibility of love.

As warmer weather quickly approaches, I’m on the hunt for fun songs that fit my summer playlist. “Kinda Into You” is definitely making the cut. An upbeat rhythm and catchy lyrics make you want to get up and dance along. Whether you’re in a relationship, single, or somewhere in between, this song can bring a smile to your face. The song is exciting, with Anthony fantasizing over what a connection could be, but her mature vocals keep the song from becoming too fantastical. With lyrics such as, “yeah I don’t really know you and I don’t really care” and, “Doesn’t have to be love/ might not even be right”, the song creates a young and carefree feeling. It made me think back to high school where couples fell hard and fast. Most of those relationships were chaotic, but people were willing to dive headfirst into connections, regardless of what the potential outcomes could be. If you’re looking for something exciting and romantic to jam out to in the car, “Kinda Into You” is the perfect addition to your song rotation.

At just sixteen years old, Victoria Anthony is building a name for herself. The Vancouver based singer-songwriter has over two million of streams on Spotify and that number keeps growing. In 2020, Anthony released her first album ‘Real Life’. In the following years she’s released a series of singles and acoustic recordings. In December 2020, Anthony was contacted by The Recording Academy to be a part of the GRAMMY “Press Play at Home” series. She’s also performed at New York Fashion Week and has been featured in various media outlets including J-14 and MTV. If you liked what you heard from Anthony and want to see her live, you’re in luck! She’s opening for Hey Violet at some of their upcoming west coast dates. Check out her Spotify to stream “Kinda Into You” and get more information on her live shows.

Written By Maddy Mahady


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