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Review: "Kissing Strangers" - Beth Morgan

At some point in our lives, we all fall in love and begin the journey of a wonderful partnership. What comes with love, however, is the sadness resulting from a breakup: heartbreak. Heartbreak can be complicated to describe as we feel we have a range of emotions. Beth Morgan's new Pop Rock single "Kissing Strangers" perfectly captures those emotions. Beth Morgans' new single is about the moment she knew the person she loved had fallen out of love with her. "I'm crying in the bathroom, and I'm afraid to ask you if she's funnier than me." tells of her trying to keep her heartbreak hidden as she watches her love leave her. When she sings, "you said my glasses looked great, but you forgot you picked them out," she is referring to herself. Shows how he begins to forget about her as he pays more attention to another woman—despite the smooth, soft piano and gorgeous vocals, this emotionally charged song delivers a hard-hitting impact with the raw emotion that shows how much time and care Beth spent creating such an amazing song.

"Kissing Strangers" is an indie pop song with numerous elements that help contribute to its success. The song starts off with soft, delicate piano and vocals. The incorporation of reverb, in the beginning, results in this effect. The song then receives a downbeat with the use of synths, giving it a lower tone to contrast with the high feathery notes. The raw emotions, passion, and love are all present in the powerful vocals. "Kissing Strangers" illustrates how a song can be powerful without the use of loud, hard-hitting instruments. Beth Morgan has produced a song that can be considered truly a work of art.

Beth Morgan hopes to make their debut in her forthcoming single "Kissing Strangers." She participated in local talent shows in her hometown. Beth has always had a gift for the arts. She discovered her devotion to music and studied it throughout high school and university. "I wanted "Kissing Strangers" to use the key moments of heartbreak that everyone has experienced," she indicates of her new single. These lyrics, simple yet brutally honest, describe "the moment you realize the person you love has fallen out of love with you." Beth Morgan is a phenomenally talented artist with a burning passion for music that is not going to be suppressed anytime soon. While he may forget, Beth will never be forgotten and will live on in the hearts of the people who love her and her listeners who she assisted in mending their broken hearts.

Written By ShatteredSoul

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