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  • Bryan Massey

Review: "Let You Go" - Salvatore Manalo

Salvatore Manalo’s newest hit “Let You Go” is a soothing intimate hit. His voice soars and shines while accompanied by a simple guitar and a groovy rhythm section. This song’s style channels mid 90’s slower hits and is bringing me back to my childhood listening to Enrique Iglesias and the Backstreet Boys. His layered vocals and instrumental tracks are smoothly integrated, and the overall feel of this song is just smooth like caramel. The lyrics really hit home too. Don’t be fooled by the upbeat feel, this song will tug at your heartstrings like it did me. He says on his Facebook: “Writing this was more difficult than I thought it’d be, but I’m not all that great with words and I had so much more to say to Kian before he left. We just wanted him to know he was loved by so many, so I wrote him a song.” Once you really listen to the lyrics, you’ll understand. This song is beautiful and heartbreaking as well.

“Let You Go” is simple yet powerful. It’s clear the intent this song has was to dig into the lyrics. At first, the upbeat style may make you think it’s a love song but “Our baby dressed in blue” tells a different story. “We placed your crib across the room to catch the morning sun.” His lyrics and songwriter capture the heartache he’s going through perfectly. I can’t imagine how hard it could have been to write this but hopefully this hit will help him heal. The backing instrumentals and layered vocals add to the texture perfectly and really draw the listener in. The most powerful part, however, is the ending. After all the grooves, catchy choruses and bridges, the last line and lick end just abruptly. This gave chills immediately on my first listen and I think it’s done beautifully.

From Portland Oregon, Salvatore Manalo is a jack of all trades. A singer, songwriter, producer, and instrumentalist. While relatively new, he is drawing a pretty good following. “Let you go” has over 24k listens and his soulfully powerful cover of I Put A Spell On You has over 180K listens on Spotify. He is an artist to keep your ear out for. He owns his own label “And the Vibe is Records” and is actively taking clients as well! His songwriting and production quality are top notch!

Written By Bryan Massey



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