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  • George McSherry

Review: "Letter From Home" - Yulia Ewhaz

Hazy reminiscence somehow paints a melancholy picture rife with the most vibrant colors. The audio space created on Yulia Ehwaz's new release "Letter From Home", underpinned by the juxtaposition of uptempo musicality and an ethereally somber vocal performance, comforts and stirrs simultaneously, much like a sleepless night of profound rhuminations in the comfort of a soft, warm bed.

A distorted hum filters the sharp, staccato piano chords and strummed guitar that pull you into the upbeat track. Soft, understated vocals lead you into the verses before the pronounced bassline bolsters, adding a layer that develops the depth and richness of "Letter From Home". The understated vocals layer and undulate across eachother, filling the song's knooks and crannies with crisp musicality.

Yulia Ehwaz has roots deep-seated in the world of music, from her beginnings on the violin aged six to some nine years of choir experience to her budding career that we see today. From Minsk, Belarus, Yulia hopes to break through the difficulties of her local music scene to find success in the US and European markets with her refreshing blend of synthwave, R&B, alternative, and pop-punk.

Written By George McSherry



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