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  • Kaiana Lee

Review: "Lolita" - Rebecca Lappa

Indie pop has always been a genre that can take any form. There are always the basics of the genre like guitar, melodic vocals, and down-to-earth lyrics but every artist brings their spin to the table. Rebecca Lappa is no different. Her single Lolita is a prime example of the lengths an artist can go to further the experiences of a genre. Lolita is an indie pop track at its core with racing guitar chords and rounded piano. Rubbing elbows with pop, rock, and folk Lolita delves into the very soul of the genre in which it is participating. The track takes inspiration from the many genres that created Indie pop. The instrumental is meticulously constructed; each aspect plays an important role. The production of Lolita is done by Louise Burns. The production builds a powerful backtrack for Lappa's poetic verses and deeply personal yet relatable lyrics.

Lolita is a commentary on the intersection of sexuality and innocence women experience through the male gaze. Loosely inspired by its namesake the highly controversial novel of the same name. Lolita pushes the listener to think harder about the sexualization of innocence and how it can affect a person. Rebecca Lappa builds up this character of Lolita in her lyrics making her seem like desire itself only to juxtapose these notions with the quick and anxious instrumental and lyrics like “you crave control//tonight let it all go// your hands her clothes.” In this lyric, Rebecca is speaking directly to the person seeking Lolita. Lappa knows the only reason Lolita is desirable to these men is because of the control that can be had over her. This track forces you to seek the dark truth of power dynamics. Women face this daily and Rebecca is pointing a spotlight on the uncomfortable truth.

Rebecca Lappa is no Rookie in the music industry. She has been stealing the hearts of many in her hometown Edmonton Alberta since six years old. Music to Lappa is a therapeutic tool. Her lyrics are there to heal her wounds and help her grapple with certain truths. Her use of music in this way allows those dealing with similar things to have an escape. Lappa has released several tracks all equally as ambitious and well-crafted as Lolita. Her upcoming album Tales of a Taurus, out May 5th of this year, will focus on the change and growth she has experienced. Rebecca Lappa is a star in the making and is certainly worth the listen.

Written By Kaiana Lee



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