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  • Kaiana Lee

Review: "Lost In The Music" - Phoebe Willo

A year ago, The world was introduced to the sonic prowess of songstress Phoebe Willo. She took our breath away with her debut EP Buy Us More Time. On her EP she showcases her lyrical ability as well as her unique vocal skills. Since this EP Phoebe has released a new track Lost in the Music. A song dedicated to the feeling of getting captivated by your favorite song. Getting lost in a track is so common it's often taken for granted but Phoebe adores the feeling. Lost in the Music is an ode to the serenity of that sentiment.

Lost in the Music is just as ethereal as Phoebe's previous work but has an edge that brings the atmosphere to life. It has a slight dance-pop vibe that adds to the overall celestial vibe. Creating this soundscape that is just as immersive as the lyrics themselves. In the lyrics, Phoebe describes the reasons people run to music. Fun, escapism, whatever you can do to just feel good about yourself for the short moments during a good song. That is the point of the track, music is so essential to human life, and the more we get overcome by the sounds of guitar and drums the happier we are. It’s not a fix-all but it's a way to forget about your worries, even for a moment. Lost in the Music sits comfortably in the genre of dream pop. With its dense production and echoing soundscapes you get lost in the atmosphere this coupled with Phoebe’s breathy vocals it’s enough to put anyone in a trance. This is a sound Phoebe relates to most with many of her songs falling under the neo-psychedelia genre but Lost in the Music is impactful in its unique use of dance and subject matter.

Phoebe Willo is a singer/songwriter from Brighton. She is a multi-instrumentalist playing ukulele piano and guitar in her music. She launched her music career in September 2022 and has steadily been on the rise since. Sitting at over 130K monthly listeners on Spotify it’s safe to say Phoebe is turning heads in the industry. Like many musicians, she has been involved in music from a very young age but her love has carried her to great heights. Dreampop is a genre that tends to be overlooked in the mainstream but Phoebe may just change soon. Her sound is distinctive and her pen creates gold. Phoebe Willo is an artist to keep an eye on for sure.

Written By Kaiana Lee



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