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  • Giavanna Gradaille

Review: "Love Drunk" - Theo Sawyer

I fear our generation - centennials - have been typecasted when it comes to matters of the heart. The love stories within pop culture with us in mind are centered on betrayal, tragedy, and heartache. And these negative portrayals of our generation in love become self fulfilling prophecies that play out in real time with real people. It ultimately creates people that are anxious to approach love, and Theo Sawyer’s “Love Drunk” touches on this notion.

“Love Drunk” is an electro-pop single that focuses on the hopelessness we experience when we find ourselves falling head over heels for someone. Sawyer begins the song by describing what all centennials are looking for in love; “someone to drink wine with… [and talk] about the things that may never be”. We’re looking for partners that not only provide us with temporary relief from the world, but partners that are willing to partake in dreaming of the same visions of the future as us. But this is a hard message to relay to the person that we want to be with because of the uncertainty that comes with being emotionally vulnerable. We find ourselves in this tug-of-war of “waiting to see” how the situation plays out and “trying to tell” our love interest our feelings. Ultimately, we all want to experience the euphoria that can be love - our generation deserves it.

New Zealander Theo Sawyer is based out of Auckland and could be a possible doppelgänger for Joseph Quinn. But when he’s not making people do double-takes, he’s preoccupied with fine-tuning a sound that’s a creative blend of beloved music genres of the past. Hefty equal portions of British and psychedelic rock, with a dash of Motown, and a taste of gospel for the soul. "Love Drunk" is the artist’s second released song, with "Forget Your Ex" being his debut single. I cannot wait to see what else the artist has in store for listeners – but I do have one suggestion. Lean into the Joseph Quinn resemblance; a music video where Eddie Munson is singing about the ups and downs of love is bound to drive people wild. In the meantime, show Theo Sawyer some virtual love in the form of streams and follows.

Written By Giavanna Gradaille



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