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  • CJ Taylor

Review: "Make Me Better"- Luke Harrison

Luke Harrison's "Make Me Better" is an evocative narrative set to music that explores personal growth and the redemptive qualities of love. The song's protagonist recounts his past fraught with confusion and aimlessness, a common human plight poignantly contrasting with the newfound clarity brought on by a significant other’s influence. Harrison's lyrics, "Heading down the road to a place I don't belong," and "You saw me clearly," reflect the universal search for identity and belonging while emphasizing the transformative impact of relationships. ​The listener is invited on a transformative journey that moves from self-doubt to the empowering realization that love can be a guiding force toward becoming one's best self.

Musically, "Make Me Better" is a layered experience that blends emotional storytelling with stirring melodic undercurrents. Positioned within the spectrum of soft rock and acoustic pop, the single employs gentle guitar strums and ambient synth elements to create its heartfelt ambiance. Harrison's voice is a smooth confluence of vulnerability and strength, embodying the song's essence in every note. As the chorus swells, the arrangement intensifies, reflecting the emotional high point of the narrative. This strategically structured crescendo, alongside the instrumental choices, enfolds the listener in the artist's journey, mirroring the embrace described in the chorus “Hold me in your arms, Strengthen my heart.”

Harrison himself maintains a relative shroud of mystique, with his biography revealing only the essentials of an artist dedicated to his craft. With his musical roots manifesting in a blend of various genres, Harrison brings a nuanced approach to the pop landscape. Emerging on the music scene with a clear vision and distinct style, his commitment to authenticity shines through in his lyrics and melodies. His journey, though perhaps not yet replete with awards and mainstream accolades, is one marked by a deep connection with his listeners. "Make Me Better" is not just another single; it is Harrison's heartfelt anthem of self-improvement and the celebration of love's power to heal and transform. But don't just go off of my review of this incredible song, give it a listen on Spotify at the link down below and watch his official music video for "Make Me Better" in the video above. If you would like to hear more from Luke Harrison and follow his musical journey, follow him on all of his social media platforms in the links down below!

Written By CJ Taylor



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