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  • Kelli Dixon

Review: "Make You Cry" - SKIA

Life is short and you deserve the best, even if it means hurting other people in the process. Unfortunately, this truth doesn’t make saying goodbye any less painful, for you will always cherish the great people and fond memories in that previous time of your life. SKIA has experienced this firsthand and she writes about it in her danceable breakup song, “Make you cry.” Even though this song is about a romantic relationship, I think its message can be applied to a variety of situations. When I listen to it, for example, I think about graduating college. While I was sad to leave that time in my life behind, I was hopeful for what was to come. This track is very inspirational, and all listeners will be able to apply it to their own lives.

Since this track is classified as a “danceable breakup song,” it is sad and empowering at the same time. The empowering aspect comes from the instrumentation. I particularly enjoyed the bass line on the verses. I thought this element really gave the song a pop sound. You hear a noise over it that sounds like raindrops to me. I thought it was fitting because the lyrics talk about sadness and crying. On the other hand, the lyrics are the “sad” element of the song. They address how hard breakups can be with lines like “the feeling was gone and I just can’t explain why I don’t wanna be here.” As the song progresses, the lyrics come to match the hopeful tone of the instrumentation. In the chorus, SKIA acknowledges that she’s sorry for hurting the other person and asks “Is there ever an easy way to say goodbye?” To answer this question, there isn’t. You just have to do it and know that you are moving on to bigger and better things.

SKIA was born and raised in Norway and now resides in Liverpool, England. Her musical influences include members of pop royalty, such as Britney Spears and Beyonce. SKIA uses music as an outlet to answer existential questions and find her place in the world. “Make you cry” is a song off of her newly released self-titled EP. It was written on a ski lift and recorded in her bedroom. You should definitely listen to the rest of the album. If you need recommendations on where to start, I recommend “Dance with me.” As the title suggests, it is about the freedom one feels when dancing their troubles away. I really enjoyed listening to SKIA’s music and can’t wait to hear what else she comes up with!

Written By Kelli Dixon



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