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  • Karlee Skipper

Review: "me & my broken heart" - Felicia Lu

Felicia Lu trades in her characteristic high-energy anthems for a somber storyline in her latest single, “me & my broken heart.” Throughout the track, she shares a story of unrequited love and inevitable heartbreak through poetic lyrics. Lu describes the feeling of loving someone who does not love you back, and accepting that you will have to walk away from the relationship. The solemn lyrics effortlessly paint this scene of a jilted lover overwhelmed with thoughts of self-doubt and uncertainty. In the chorus, Lu sings: “Why is it so hard to love me?// Every night I starve for the words that I deserve// Why is it so hard to choose me?// I already know, if you can’t love me// Me and my broken heart will go.” Paired with Lu’s passionate vocals, these lines hit the listener like a sucker punch to the gut. Rather than rationalizing that the relationship was just not meant to be, the protagonist has convinced themselves that they are not worthy of being loved. Instead of prolonging the inevitable rejection, she decides to make the impossible choice to rip off the band-aid and leave on her own terms. As always, Lu eloquently tells a vivid story through her insightful lyrics in a manner that naturally transports her listeners into the narrative.

While Lu’s first few releases from her upcoming album were upbeat and positive, the singer slows down the production to a melancholic ballad in “me & my broken heart.” However, the singer maintains her moody, dark-pop soundscape with a complex instrumentation that astonishes listeners. Before diving into the track, I recommend listening to the song with headphones to fully emerge yourself into the dynamic production. The song kicks off with soothing, dream-like synth waves before introducing Lu’s angelic vocals and a delicate piano. This introduction sets the somber atmosphere for the entire song, letting the audience know they are in for a heart-wrenching journey. As the pre-chorus begins, the soft beat is introduced, and the background synth intensifies. This triggers a sense of urgency and anxiety in the listener as Lu prepares them for the gut-wrenching lyrics in the chorus. In the first half, the instrumentation slows down, bringing an emphasis on the vulnerable lyrics. Then, in the iconic Felicia Lu manner, the production in the second half of the chorus makes a drastic switch as the beat pattern changes, symbolizing the sudden shift from love to heartbreak within the relationship. The second verse keeps the melody of the first, with the addition of the beat. At the end of the verse, Lu sings the lyrics: "Guess we ran out of time." This line is punctuated by the sound of a grandfather clock ticking, personifying the words being sung. This signifies the pre-chorus, where the production of the first returns. However, the second half brings in an intense, fuzzy boom sound that further enhances the tense element of the song, before transitioning back to the full production of the final chorus. In the outro, the boom sound effect returns while Lu repeats the hook, “me and my broken heart will go” with angelic vocalizations to close out the track. Her passionate vocals emphasize the sorrow and pain behind the lyrics, showcasing that she is not only a talented singer, but also a phenomenal performer. If “me & my broken heart” is only one of many ballads on Lu’s upcoming debut album, listeners will need tissues on hand as the artist knows how to write a guaranteed tear-jerker.

Felicia Lu is an indie-pop singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer from Germany, currently based in Vienna, Austria. In 2014, she made it to the finals of the RTL Talent Show, “Rising Star”. Then in 2017, she was a contestant for the Eurovision Song Contest. She returned to the world-famous contest in 2022 with her song “Anxiety” and placed fourth for Germany. With both “Anxiety” and her next biggest single, “Pay,” the two tracks amount to over 3 million streams on Spotify. Furthermore, Lu has a total of over 14 million streams for her entire discography on the platform. She has 2 extended play albums and several stand-alone singles. Her debut full-length album is set for release on September 29, 2023. Watch the music video for her previous single “Bitch” to look for an easter egg that reveals the album’s title. And for those who are local to Vienna, she will be hosting an album release party on September 30th, so check out her socials for more details and tickets!

Written By Karlee Skipper



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