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  • Jenna Barton

Review: "My Potential" - Samfire

London based artist, Samfire released her first single this year and it's layered with an encouraging message. "My Potential" is a optimistic track about overcoming self doubts and recognizing your own potential. Many of us have felt insecure at times, and during these times it can be easy to start comparing yourself to others and to strive to be perfect. If you have ever felt this way, I highly recommend listening to her new single as Samfire's open and honest lyrics may relate to you. This latest single is upbeat followed with hopeful lyrics that leave listeners empowered by the end. I couldn't help as a listener but to feel good every time she sings the line, “I'll believe in my potential”. When it comes to her recently released single this artist has said, "I know there are a lot of people that, like me, are always trying to better themselves. This song is for them - offering the words that have got me through moments of self doubt". You can now listen to "My Potential" through the video below.

Samfire's latest single is a personal reflection that aims to Inspire others to believe in themselves. "My Potential" is a vocal forward track that kicks off with her powerful voice singing, “I believe in my potential but not in where I am”. The inner monologue continues throughout the song as the arrangement builds with anticipation for the chorus. Samfire's voice alone is enough to leave you hanging on to every word. I was reminded of the impressive tone and powerful range of artists like Billie Eilish and Sabrina Carpenter. The alt-pop artist often relies on her authenticity and relatability that reflects in her songwriting and it can definitely be seen here as well. With the release of her new single, Samfire wants her listeners to feel hopeful and overcome their own self doubts as she has.

Samfire is a Singer, Songwriter, and Producer based in London. "My Potential” is her 4th single to date alongside her debut EP ”Time” which was released earlier in 2022. This artist is well known for moving her listeners through her songwriting. The promising up-and- coming artist is being noticed through her YouTube channel where she has impressively reached over 100,000 thousand views collectively. Her video covering Kate Bush's “Running Up That Hill” received over 80,000 alone. Samfire has got big plans for the upcoming year for her music so keep your eyes out for potential new releases.

Written By Jenna Barton



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