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  • Giavanna Gradaille

Review: "Naive" - Madishu

Energy vampires are always interesting to deal with. These are individuals that prey on others’ empathy and compassion to the point of exhaustion. Should be easy to spot, right? No, they’re wonderful at putting up a front to lure you into a friendship with them. Initially they’re delightful, even teetering on doting. They reveal their true nature over time as they learn more about you. When you finally realize you're in an enmeshed friendship with them, it’s difficult to break away. Thankfully, Madishu’s “Naive” gives listeners the strength they need to separate themselves from the energy vampires in their life.

“Naive” is a striking electro-pop single about the complications of toxic connections. The song opens with faraway echoes of the chorus before Madishu drops the first verse. Within this verse, listeners can clearly hear how prolific the artist’s vocals and lyricism are. This verse and the second verse establish the brief background of this toxic friendship. The artist “said a little bit too much” to someone they didn’t know well and blindly formed a friendship with them because they were “kinda sweet”. But that sweetness was simply a way to lure them in. This friend turned out to be “kinda a lot” to put up with. The chorus then breaks through the percussive strings and finger snaps that made up the melody to replace it with atmospheric synths. Symbolizing Madishu’s termination of the friendship. The third and fourth verse go in depth to just how overbearing the now-former friend was. Even detailing the unhealthy dependency they had on the artist: “Got a little bit too upset / If I don't do what you said / If I don't take you with me”. Any friend that behaves like this is no friend as our artist has come to discover for themselves, and is now relaying for listeners. “Naive” is an encouraging narrative about understanding when someone does not have the best intentions and that ending the connection with said person is a means of self-sanctuary.

The Austrian native turned singer and songwriter, Madishu, has always been artistically creative and inventive. From writing and performing her first song for her mother’s birthday in middle school to becoming a beloved independent artist in the diverse indie-pop sphere; it’s no wonder why Madishu is quickly amassing a large fanbase. But it doesn’t end there. The artist is also responsible for producing, designing the stage and performance outfits, and creating cover artwork plus music video visual concepts for her music. Madishu truly redefines what it means to be a one-woman show by fully immersing listeners into her state of mind. If you’ve enjoyed taking a dip into the artist’s world as much as I have, show her some virtual love in the form of streams, likes, and follows.

Written by Giavanna Gradaille



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