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  • Kaiana Lee

Review: "Nothin' But Heartache" - Matt Evans

Drugs and alcohol have been romanticized for decades. Going out and partying every night is something you're expected to do when you're young. But how long will the partying last? Sometimes it's best to ask why you need to party every weekend, why you need to drink to hide from your emotions, and what are you doing with yourself. Sometimes life can lead you down a depressing road and you have to ask yourself the hard questions. These are all questions Matt Evans asks himself on his new track Nothin’ But Heartache. On this track, Matt Evans describes the ups and downs of partying and learning to let go.

The track begins slow and muffled building anticipation before slipping into the first verse. The track stays rather subdued and dreamy the entire track. The dreamy aspect feels like a call towards the haze many fall into when drinking. In this haze, everything blends and the fun of the moment doesn’t seem as fun. That is the point Matt is making with this record. But it doesn’t condemn this type of behavior, it just calls attention to it. Matt knows from experience what it's like to need external validation and he just wants to explain these feelings to the world. He hopes that with the track he can find forgiveness for his behavior and move on. The track is extremely meaningful and relates to the constant stress of youth and trying to find happiness anywhere you can. Nothin’ But Heartache is a mesmerizing listen and something that can be played again and again.

Matt Evans is a powerhouse from a small town called Perth in Australia. Once an Australian TV star he had dreams of hitting the stage with original music. He began writing his songs and making subtle waves in the music industry. His sound is a cool combination of classic rock and modern pop music to create a sound similar to Harry Styles or Post Malone. His writing ability is heavily influenced by similar genres, tagging Queen and Elton John as major influences. Matt Evans is a charismatic performer who was made for the main stage.

Written By Kaiana Lee



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