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  • Sydney Gray

Review: "On My Own" - Alexa Perez

Rising singer-songwriter Alexa Perez just released "On My Own" as the lead single for her debut EP Dear Future Me, which came out on March 29th. The vulnerable track is an ode to Perez's twenties, in which she was kicked out of her church that she worked for and had to rebuild a life for herself. As the track progresses, she opens up about struggling to heal, growing up, and looking for the light in the darkest situations. Life can be a difficult thing, and we often face setbacks that have us rethinking what to do next. If you have ever felt yourself hitting rock bottom and feeling like you need to start over by yourself, the heavy-hitting lyrics in this track will resonate deeply with you.

"On My Own" is a synth-laden track that shows off Perez's strong confessional style songwriting. Each line feels as though she is reading out pages of her diary, letting us into the depths of her emotions and experiences. To close the chorus, she sings, "The fog clears a new life / I'll build it piece by piece this time / On my own." Leaving the church had been difficult for her, but it ended up prompting her to find the next step in her life, which was making music. She starts and ends the track with the lyrics, "I mourn the loss of / So many versions / I stopped keeping count." In the end, the track turns into an uplifting anthem, as Perez sings that she will make her dreams come true, knows that she can start again if everything falls apart, and believes that she will find paradise. As she narrates the journey of the last decade of her life, I felt myself relating to my own setbacks and thinking about the past versions of myself that I have lost as I've grown and changed through the years.

29-year-old artist Alexa Perez is from Huntsville, Alabama. As a songwriter turned indie pop artist, she brings authenticity and empowerment into her music, crafting lyrics and a sound that can connect to a wide audience. If you enjoyed "On My Own," make sure to check out the five other tracks off her debut EP, Dear Future Me. You can also keep up with all the latest information on Perez and her music by following the social media platforms linked below. I had never heard of Perez before this release, but after listening to "On My Own," I am so excited to see where she will head next in her music career.

Written By Sydney Gray



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