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  • Morgan Fischer

Review: "13" - JADE RICH

This song, “13” by JADE RICH, is all about childhood nostalgia and missing the crushes you had and just the simplicity and freedom of being young with people you love. With lyrics like “I love the way you made me feel safe” and “I’d hate when you leave, cause I couldn’t be someone to keep me from reaching out,” she perfectly captures those feelings of solace you only have with someone you trust, and how that can be taken from you when they grow up and leave and everything changes. Everyone can relate to this longing. Whether or not you had a young teenage crush you miss, or just a person who used to be in your life that isn’t anymore, there’s always that feeling of missing how simple life was when you didn’t have the same responsibilities as adulthoods, or the same problems. Life becomes more complicated the older you get, and sometimes it’s nice to just reminisce.

“13” is a soft, alt-pop song that perfectly balances electronic melodies with smooth vocals to carry that feeling of nostalgia and wistfulness throughout. The song starts with just the music, drawing you in with calm chords and subtle beats before Jade Rich begins the first verse. The music remains in the background, letting her light voice carry the song and the message. The percussion picks up a bit in the chorus, emphasizing and differentiating the sections. Throughout the almost three minutes, the tension continues to build with each verse and rendition of the chorus, before reaching a peak in the coast toward the end. Overall, this song is a smooth, easy listen, and will have you pressing replay immediately!

Jade Rich is an up-and-coming singer/songwriter from Perth, Australia. Influenced by artists like Holly Humberstone and Griff, Jade Rich leans into the alt-pop sound while maintaining her heartfelt and deep storytelling. Drawing from personal experience, she sings about feelings of nostalgia, love, and learning who you are, all through catchy melodies that have made her music popular with an impressive amount of fans already in her career. She released her first single, “Anchor”, in 2020, with “Rose Coloured Glasses” coming out the same year. She released “Golden Hour” in 2021, before taking a break until 2023, when she released two more fan favorite songs. “13” marks her latest release. Use the links below to explore more of her music! I personally am very excited to see what she does next!

Written By Morgan Fischer



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