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  • Stephanie Berning

Review “One And The Same” -Jake Adler

This song is a beautiful personal ballad. His sound is similar to other amazing artist such as Lewis Capaldi and James Arthur. The sound feels like he is venting on a being in a toxic relationship. The vocalist sings about being the subject of lies and being told he is the person in the wrong. However, throughout the single he is telling his partner to reflect on themself because they are not an innocent party, that they both are "One and The Same".

The single begins with slower melody that is consistent throughout the track. A stand out moment in the number would be during the final chorus. The vocalist has a smooth, but slightly raspy voice that complements the steady melody. In the final chorus, the singer repeats the lyrics of the title "one and the same" and has layered harmonized vocals as he sings the final riff. This finale showcases Jake Adler's gorgeous vocal range as he belts the last lines.

Jake Adler is from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He first discovered his love for music at 14 years old. This love for music grew throughout college as he DJ'd for her fraternity. After college, he decided to pursue music full-time. This artist has not yet released an album, but he has released five singles, that audiences can listen to. Adler released his debut single "Life of the Party" in July of 2022 and his Spotify has a total of 1373 monthly listeners.

Written By Stephanie Berning



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