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  • Abigail Mornhinweg

Review: "Over and Dead" - Mia Baron

Wanting to move on and being unable to is a natural process in a breakup. You don't want to think about the “what ifs” and the possibilities, yet it’s all you think about. Mia Baron touches on that in her new song, “Over and Dead.” In the song, Baron goes on about an ended relationship, yet her partner wouldn’t leave her alone “for six months,” giving her false hope and mixed signals of what could be, only for them to stop reaching out. Baron is glad, yet has to face the impact of these mixed signals–those what-ifs and the countless possibilities of what could’ve been. In the song, Baron wishes for the person to accept that their relationship is “over and dead” rather than leading her on and leaving her to suffer through the pain of the breakup all over again.

“Over and Dead” is a slow-paced, guitar-led ballad, with Baron’s vocals shining through with all the emotion of her pain, one feature I enjoyed throughout the song. Because of her vocals, the lyrics can shine as they are: relatable to anyone. The intimate sound of the music allows listeners to connect to the lyrics of the song. Not only that, but the production is really enjoyable to listen to. Lowkey yet powerful, I enjoy how much I can listen to this in settings other than relating to the lyrics: studying, late-night drives, and more–this song can be for any occasion, not only for crying in the shower. With a great song to hit off the new year, I can’t wait to hear what else Baron has in store for 2024.

Mia Baron hails from Toronto, Canada, where Baron has written, produced, and sang on alternative and alt-pop tracks, following the tracks of Madison Beer and Billie Eilish. Racking up over 39,000 followers and over 900,000 streams across all of her songs on Spotify, Baron is here to stay. Baron’s been creating music since 2021, and her vocals and production have evolved throughout her time as an artist and continue to impress and to hook new fans onto her new music and want more. With powerful vocals and lyrics that continue to resonate with her fans, keep your eye out for Mia Baron–2024 is her year.

Written By Abby Mornhinweg



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