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  • Rachael Bach

Review: "Overthinking" - Kelly-Ann

“Overthinking” is an introspective confessional that details the regret Kelly-Ann has following a relationship with a boy who broke her heart. Kelly-Ann tells us the story of how she fell in love with a boy who made her numerous false promises, but eventually broke her heart. She addresses the boy in question, saying how “You were the first man I truly loved/But now I realize you’re not the diamond I thought,” making it clear to the listener that she regrets the relationship now and the pain it has caused her. The conflicting lyrics present in her song, such as “Pathetic you’d think you’re the good guy” then following it up with “You’re still a good guy but you hurt me” is real and honest, revealing her conflicting feelings about the situation. After breakups it’s hard to step back and reflect on the relationship objectively, so her paradoxical emotions are authentic and raw, reflective of the actual healing process. 

With a soft pop and folk sound, the production is tender, and allows us to focus on her beautiful lyricism sprinkled with gorgeous figurative language such as “I’ll wear revenge like a necklace made of poisoned pearls” and “Convinced me to play the fool/Was I a wounded bird so easy to trap?” These lyrics are so striking and create a deep emotional connection with the listener, explaining how truly betrayed and hurt she was. A gently plucked electric guitar with reverb is present throughout the track, and the grainy sound to it creates a unique, older feel that I loved. Soft strings in the background during the chorus add to the tender feel of the song, and harmonies add a floaty, angelic sound. The track is soft and melancholic, beautifully capturing the bitter emotions of failed love. 

Kelly-Ann is a captivating indie-folk singer-songwriter from Canada, with a versatile entertainment background, from collaborating with icons like Celine Dion to enchanting audiences in Christmas musicals. Early on, she explored children's music, performing spiritedly at family festivals, laying the foundation for her evolving artistry. Recently featured on La Voix Quebec's seventh season, Kelly-Ann earned a spot in the quarter-finals with soulful performances and showcased her talent in the holiday extravaganza PARTY! at the Cabaret de L'Espace St-Denis.Now poised for a solo musical journey, Kelly-Ann is set to release her debut EP in spring 2024. Navigating pop and indie-folk, her music exudes warmth and nostalgia. The forthcoming EP promises a captivating blend of vulnerability and charm, inviting listeners into her emotive world through captivating melodies and poignant lyrics. With Kelly-Ann, every listen is an enchanting journey into heartfelt storytelling and authentic musical expression.

Written By Rachael Bach



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