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  • Ari Schweitzer

Review: "Phoebe & Elliott" - Kalina Tyne

Two people, who could’ve had something special, missing each other by one of life’s wavelengths-- it’s an all too familiar story for many of us, and Kalina Tyne’s latest single “Phoebe & Elliott” is a beautiful rendition of such a tale. The song’s clever namesake is not just a metaphor for her story but also a title to which fans of the two songwriting legends (Phoebe Bridgers and Elliott Smith, respectively) are drawn to, as Tyne combines the best of both worlds in her work.

“Phoebe & Elliott” opens with the signature sounds of its namesake, with airy yet full vocals over intimate guitar instrumentals. Tyne ramps up the energy by slowly introducing the drums with distorted background vocals that give you a glimpse of not only her emotions but also the golden days of pop-rock music. The lyrics begin reminiscing on an old life yearning for someone who couldn’t be there: imagining them in the passenger seat, playing the music they used to send, buying things they always talked about, and trying to change identities to match what they wanted. Those we care about the most influence how we live in such ways, a theme reflected in the title through Phoebe Bridgers and her admitted influence from Elliott Smith. Yet as the energy of the track comes to a climax, Tyne comes to realize that such a life is only a sad reflection of times long passed, because no matter how hard you try, you can’t hold on to everyone in your life.

The LA-based songwriter has been on a roll with her namesake song releases, starting a bold and innovative discography of pop-culture references paired with the stories she tells. But don’t underestimate the rest of Kalina Tyne’s work, as her 2016 EP and three subsequent singles create a strong platform for her future releases to launch from.

Written By Ari Schweitzer



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