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  • Victoria James

Review: "Potential" - Avery Jane

How can you tell if someone is the right romantic partner for you? It depends on the person, but maybe you pay attention to how they make you feel before locking things down. Avery Jane sings about the mix of excitement, nervousness, and anticipation she feels about her crush in her new song, “Potential.” Although she doesn’t know him well enough yet, she recognizes his potential and wants to explore things further. Much like any of us when we develop feelings for someone new, Avery is too excited about his potential to think straight or stay asleep at night. She accurately portrays the innocence and wholesomeness of the early stages of a relationship. “Potential” is for the hopeless romantics who can’t help but dive in head first into a new fling.

Avery Jane creatively blends folk, pop, and R&B in her new song, “Potential.” The beginning instrumental is reminiscent of “The Chain” by Fleetwood Mac but with an updated twist. She has a beautiful, alluring voice, drawing listeners in and making the song feel more intimate and personal. Her voice sounds dreamy, especially with the flutter in some notes. Avery shows it off with a few vocal runs, adding a layer of beauty and elegance to make the song more memorable. Her velvety voice and the instrumental paired together create a captivating musical experience. The modern production gives the song an edge. Specifically, the pitch shifting used in the background vocals adds an electronic element, which makes it sound more exciting. The lovely electric guitar becomes louder near the end, providing a break from the main melody. It stands out while fitting perfectly into the song.

Avery Jane is a singer-songwriter based in Montreal but originally from Victoria, BC. She is inspired by jazz, folk, pop, neo-soul, modern, and classic R&B, and she has combined elements of these genres to craft her unique sound. Before relocating to Montreal, Avery Jane spent years performing in big bands, musical theatre, folk duos, and indie-jazz bands. There, she focused more on her music and songwriting. Avery loves to write songs that tell stories about the typical human experience, but often in a clever way. She released her first single, “April,” in 2020 and her debut EP, Honey Lemon Ginger, in 2022. Her sophomore EP, Hey You, was released in October 2023 with five tracks, including “Potential.”

Written By Victoria James



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