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  • Isabel Mays

Review: “Prom Queen” - Mykyl x Gabe Issac

There tends to be an overarching theme in high school movies, and sometimes just generally in life. The nerd falls for the popular girl, knowing the chances he can have her are low. That’s the basic premise behind “Prom Queen,” a song created under the collaboration of artists Mykyl and Gabe Issac. Honestly, this song is awesome. It has a lot of really cool elements to it. I think one of its strongest components, though, are the lyrics. “I see you in the hallway/But I'm too shy to say hello/Left flowers by your driveway/It sucks that you might never know.” It’s relatable, but it’s also catchy!

I could talk for hours about my love for songs that use a synth. “Prom Queen” definitely did not disappoint with its use of it. It gave the song an 80s vibe, and I think it’s what really pushed it over the edge for me. As much as the drums and guitar sound great in this song, it's the synth that really gets to shine. Another thing I loved was, to put it bluntly, the vocals. It echoed often, which I feel gave the song a strong edge. I’m obsessed with everything about this song.

Mykyl is a songwriter and producer from Nashville, Tennessee. He has been making music since 2020, and has even interned and collaborated with bands such as The Killers and Imagine Dragons! Gabe Issac is an independent pop artist from Seattle, Washington. His debut single, “Wait!”, released in 2020. Issac says that with his music, he wants to “make people’s day brighter.” Well, I can 100 percent say that my day has been brightened listening to “Prom Queen.” Go give the song a listen, I promise you’re going to really enjoy it.

Written By Isabel Mays




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